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Interior Design IDEAS for 2021

During the lockdowns you have probably spent a lot of time staring at your own four walls and have dozens of things you’d like to change or freshen up. With working from home becoming the trend for those lucky enough to do so, our homes are having to adapt to accommodate the changes the pandemic brings. Whether swapping a family holiday for a fabulous new kitchen or putting off buying a new car in favour of creating your dream bedroom.

Looking toward a happier and healthier year here are some of the current trends which are popping up everywhere.

  1. The return of the Kitchen Pantry

    The kitchen pantry has been making a comeback for a long time. I always advise a client if they have space in the kitchen to try and get in as much storage as they can and what better way than a walk-in pantry. As we stocked up during self-isolation, many of us found a renewed need for our pantries and that’s not likely to go away even once restaurants and the economy fully reopen. It’s no wonder searches for “pantry organization containers” are up 40 percent over the past three months, according to Google.
  2. On-trend Colours – three main colours which lead the way in 2021


    The trend for grey shows no signs of waning but a new warmer alternative is on the rise – Greige. Greige - a mix of grey and beige can be seen in both the world of interiors and fashion. It’s a great basic palette as it goes with everything and doesn’t have the bland look of boring beige. Not quite beige and not quite grey, this is a hue that meets somewhere in the middle and gives a calming ‘put-together’ look. Right now, we need soothing hues for our homes and greige gives just that soft, comforting, cosy feel.


    Navy has been an on-trend colour for a while now and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while. The colour which has previously been used mostly in living rooms can be tricky to get right but when the right balance of light is achieved it can look sensational. Navy is well on it’s way to becoming a design classic. The trend of Scandi Noir along with a sense of classic grown up styling Navy puts it into a league of its own when looking for a look of timeless luxury. It’s a colour that is probably best used as an accent with a neutral base and can be paired with almost anything from dusky pink to zesty lime green.


    Although black is not technically a color, but a neutral, it is forecast to be one of the most widely used colours in furniture, fittings and walls, and as a colour can be used to great effect. It is dramatic and provides the greatest contrast when teamed with most colours. Black can provide a stunning backdrop to allow metals - gold, silver, copper and brass to shine and gives an elegant and sophisticated air to interiors. Initially, using black may seem daunting and risky, but when used with crisp whites in bedrooms or soft greys and dusky oranges in snugs, or teamed with grey for a smart study, it can create a crisp, luxurious ‘hotel’ look that can transform even the blandest room.

  3. Dark Kitchens

    Since the mid-1980s, most contemporary kitchens have been decorated in white. Cabinets, countertops and kitchen islands have often been chosen in very light tones mainly because of the fashion for light bright rooms, but in 2021 the trend for a darker kitchen which have been creatively lit is still on the rise. Black and very dark kitchens are back in fashion. Elegantly designed kitchens can look spectacular with matt surfaces and a sleek handle-free look is still very on-trend.

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05 January, 2021

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